Green Living

Green Living

The Palms is a haven which is a dimensional eco-friendly hub of futuristic homeliness. It has solar street lighting, retrofit solar geysers and energy efficient lighting. Green living has proponents of sustainable living, In a natural balance of humanity’s symbiotic relationship with the earths natural ecology and cycles. The future has just become clearer.

One conception of sustainable living expresses what it means in triple-bottom-line terms as meeting present ecological, societal, and economical needs without compromising these factors for future generations.

Most importantly, green living aspect of retrofit solar geysers, solar street lighting and energy efficient lighting will result in lower electricity bills through simple utilization of the natural resource which is the sun, and abundance thereof is unquestionable in the Northern Cape.


In emphasis of the development’s name the landscape will comprise mainly of 150 palm trees. This will create ambience and a pleasant living environment for the residents. The garden service firm appointed by the body corporate will maintain the landscape.

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